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When You Arrive

01 /Enrolment

Our ‘Welcome to Northumbria Event’ will take place during your first week of study at Northumbria London Campus.  This is your official welcome to the University as well as a chance to meet other students studying on your course and within the campus.


If you are a student from outside the EU, please remember to bring these with you...

  • Offer letter
  • Your CAS (if you have a Tier 4 Visa)
  • Passport
  • Other Visa/Immigration documents (if not Tier 4)
  • BRP card (if collecting from Post Office)
  • BRP decision letter (if collecting from Northumbria)
  • Passports and BRP decision letters of any dependents you are collecting BRP cards for at Northumbria
  • Your original qualification certificates
  • Financial Guarantee letter (if sponsor is paying your fees)

After 25 September you will need to go to Northumbria London Campus Ask4Help desk to enrol.  This can be found on the ground floor of Northumbria London Campus.

Your University Smart Card

Your university Smart Card is your access to our building, learning resources and wider resources which require your university ID.  You should never be without it!

Your Smart Card will be generated after you have completed your enrolment.

You will receive an email from one of the Ask4Help team when it is available.  Just pop along to the Ask4Help desk on the ground floor of Northumbria London Campus and we will give you your card. 

Don't forget to bring your passport or driving licence with you!

Don’t worry if you don’t receive your Smart Card for a few days.  This won’t hold up your studies.