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01 /What to Expect - Teaching and Learning Styles

Learning and Teaching and Your Programme at Northumbria University

All of our programmes are designed to develop a core set of graduate characteristics and as a Northumbria graduate you will:

  • Be able to think independently, understand and justify their own opinions, and will recognise the need to challenge their thinking, and the thinking of others
  • Be able to apply their disciplinary knowledge to complex problems in their discipline and its professional or industrial practice in order to identify appropriate solutions which are sustainable and justifiable.
  • Value curiosity, collaboration and analysis as keystones in the creation of new knowledge and practice
  • Be able to communicate effectively to diverse audiences utilising  a range of formats and media
  • Display the attitudes and skills to engage and work constructively and sensitively in multi-cultural environments and teams and have an awareness of ethical considerations
  • Combine all of the above to support their future employability and long term career prospects

Your Programme will be the focus of your journey at Northumbria.

All of our programmes are designed to engage you in a learning process which will maximise your potential and are structured around four key pillars of learning:

  • Research Rich Learning: building a synergy between Northumbria’s research and teaching excellence through enjoining students as co-producers of knowledge through the integration of Research Rich Learning
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Assessment for Learning and Achievement
  • Employability, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship 

We want to prepare you to be global graduates with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to contribute positively to a global community and we welcome you to our community

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