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Workout of the Week!

By StuartSport 19 Jan 2021

The first in a series of 'Workout of the Week' is brought to you by Sarah!

This is a Tabata style workout consisting of a warm up and four separate blocks. It's a full body workout targeting a mixture of upper and lower body exercises with a bit of cardiovascular work thrown in too.

Warm Up
20 secs High Knees
20 secs Star Jumps
20 secs Heel Flicks

20 secs Skaters

Complete each exercise one after the other then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Block 1
20 secs Squat Jumps
10 secs Rest
20 secs Burpees
10 secs rest

Repeat 4 times.

Block 2
20 secs Press Ups
10 secs Rest
20 secs Tricep Dips
10 secs Rest

Repeat 4 times.

Block 3
20 secs Lunges (Alternate Legs)
10 secs Rest
20 secs Single Leg Dead Lift

10 secs Rest

Repeat 4 times

Block 4
20 secs Sit Up
10 sec Rest
20 secs Russian Twists
10 sec Rest

Repeat 4 times.

Feel free to take longer breaks if needed or reduce the frequency of each block to 3 times. Give it a go and let us know how you get on! 

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