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Emily's Blog: Valentine's Day Card Ideas

By Gillian 11 Feb 2021

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it gives us a great opportunity to give someone a nice gift. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it can be a good opportunity to celebrate love or simply use the moment to brighten a friend’s day. A handmade gift is a lovely way to do something pleasant for your partner, or ensure that a friend or family member doesn’t feel lonely as everyone talks about relationships and love.

In this post I will be sharing some Valentine’s Day card ideas that you can make at home. The three cards I’m making are for my partner, my best friend and my family. Hopefully, you will use these ideas or get some inspiration from them to put some emotions into a personal piece of art.

What you will need:

  • Plain and/or coloured card (I’m using whatever colours I have at home, which will be yellow, white and orange)
  • Pencil, marker
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint (I’m using acrylic paint but any other type can work fine)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Bubble wrap (this will only be used for one card so it is not necessary for every card

a pair of black scissors sitting on top of a wooden table

Bubble Wrap Heart Print

This is an idea I got off Pinterest and was hoping that the heart would have a pattern. It turned out different to how I expected, but I liked the look of it and added some details to improve the appearance. Here is the link to the pinterest post that inspired me:

1. Fold or cut a piece of card in half. This depends on whether you want to write your message inside a folded card or on the front/back of the card. If your message is longer, a folded card might work best, but I cut my card in half.

a wooden table with folded paper

2. Take your bubble wrap and use a marker to draw a medium-sized heart on it (or you can skip this step and move onto cutting a heart out if you do not need an outline to get the shape accurately).

a close up of a piece of paper

3. Cut out the bubble wrap heart and make sure it’s not too big or too small for the piece of card.

card with bubble wrap heart

4. Next, paint one side of the heart in a colour of your choice. I used red. Be careful not to put too much or too little paint on it, because that will change its texture. I went for a quite patchy, textured look.

a painted heart sitting on top of a wooden table

5. Place the heart painted side down onto the piece of card and gently press onto it to ensure the paint goes onto the card evenly.

a close up of painted heart

6. Carefully remove the bubble wrap and leave the paint to dry.

card with paint drying

7. Add any small details you want to decorate the card with and write your message. I made a simple outline of the heart in black and used black and silver markers to write a simple message.


Blended Colours Heart

Want to make a simple painting that isn’t boring but doesn’t require complex painting skills? This might be the craft for you. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist with some of my art, but I wanted to create simple and effective ideas for cards, so I chose to paint this card without overcomplicating the process.

1. Choose a piece of card and cut it in half. You can paint directly on it if you want, but I recommend using the second piece of card for painting and cutting out the image.

a wooden table

2. Sketch an outline of a heart and use a few different colours of paint to place small drops of paint around the outline.

paper with a heart made of paint

3. Use a paintbrush, preferably a flat one, and blend the paint by making vertical strokes and spreading the paint through the inside of the heart outline. Once you do so, if there are any blank spots left, feel free to make brushstrokes in different directions to fill in every space as necessary. Leave the paint to dry.

painted heart on paper

4. Finally, cut out the heart and stick it onto the black piece of card. Pick one (or more, if you want, but I picked one) colour and add individual brushstrokes on the dry paint to make the image look more complete. Write your message in the space around the heart. I made an outline of my message and filled the letters in with a silver pen.

final card

3D Hearts Card

This is a more creative idea and my favourite to make, as I find it the most fun. The hearts don’t have to be 3D and you can stick them onto the card however you want, but I made mine 3D. I also chose the colours yellow and orange as this is a card for my best friend and I thought these colours are more cheerful and suitable for this.

1. Pick a card of one colour and cut it in half. Fold one of the pieces in half again. Then take a card of a different colour and fold it in half the same way you did with the previous piece (as shown below)

folded paper

2. Take the folded pieces of card and, along the folded edge, draw the shape of half of a heart multiple times. Make sure that on one card the hearts are smaller than on the other.

two folded coloured paper

3. Cut along the outlines you just drew on the card (while it is folded) and unfold the small hearts you just cut out. Once again, ensure one set of hearts is smaller than the other.

a close up of cut out hearts

4. Then, stick the smaller hearts onto the larger hearts.

a close up of paper hearts

5. Next, make sure that there is a small, vertical fold in the middle of each heart. Use a glue stick to apply glue directly to the fold (where it points outwards) and stick onto a blank piece of card. Make sure parts of the hearts remain without glue for a 3D look, or apply glue to the full space of the hearts and stick down flat, depending on your preference. Leave a space for your text.

card with paper hears

6. Decide what you want to write and write it onto the free space on the card. Here’s a tip: if you want to make the card more funny or personal, write a cheesy/funny pick up line on it instead of just writing “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I choose to write a cheesy pick up line to make my friend smile.

final card

Bonus Craft

If you have any flat stones you can collect nearby, it’s always a nice idea to collect some of those, clean them and use them for a small gift/addition to the cards. This is a craft I did in school in an art class, but I still use this idea because it’s simple and effective!


1. After preparing the stones, put a layer of paint on your thumb.

a hand with paint on thumb

2. Press your thumb onto the surface of the rock to create a diagonal thumbprint of paint.

stone with paint on

3. Then repeat but in the opposite direction, connecting the thumbprints at the bottom to shape them like a heart.

a close up of painted stone

4. And you’re done!

stones with hearts

Hope you found this blog useful and got lots of ideas of what you can do for Valentine’s Day! Remember that any of these can be adapted to your personal preferences and can be used for any other celebration or purpose; it’s always a great idea to show someone close how much you love them, not just on Valentine’s Day!



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