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Learning virtually from home at uni

By bzellie 30 Jul 2020

As everything has changed for this year your learning will be both face to face, on-campus study and virtual learning. This new approach provides you with the education you deserve without compromising your safety so you can fully enjoy your university experience.

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For the times when you are learning virtually at home, it’s important to have a supportive environment in which to learn effectively.

  • All our rooms include a desk and chair to enable you to study from home
  • It’s recommended that the top of your screen is placed at eye-level - if you’re using a laptop raise it up on a stand or pile of books and use a separate keyboard and mouse if you can
  • Ensure you stand up and take adequate breaks from seated work, at least once per hour and avoid sitting in awkward positions
  • Where your course materials allow, try to take time away from screens and use other means of learning such as paper notes
  • Maintain a normal daily routine as much as you can, fitting your independent study around timetabled on-campus classes and live online sessions – try to have your meals and sleep at normal times
  • Work collaboratively if you can with other students on your course, either within your household bubble or as a group online
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family and seek advice whenever you need it from your department, personal tutor, peer mentors or other services from the University
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If you have a specific learning need then you may be eligible for further support or equipment to enhance your learning. If you believe this may be the case, then please content the AccessAbility Centre at

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