Don't bin it - Donate it

By JForrester 19 Mar 2020

Having a spring clean? Moving out?

If you've got items that you no longer want, please donate them to the Bristol Big Give! 

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What is the Bristol Big Give?

The Bristol Big Give is an annual student move-out collection and recycling campaign run, collaboratively between UWE Bristol and Bristol University, so you can donate your unwanted goods to a loving second home.

What can I donate?

A massive range of items can be donated – think kitchenware, homeware, clothing, shoes, books, sports equipment, unopened food and more. Essentially, you can donate anything other than pillows and duvets, broken or dirty items, knives and hangers. 

Where do I donate?

Luckily for you, donation points are conveniently located in all student accommodation. Here's where to drop of specific items .....

Courtyards - clothes, accessories, CDs, homewares, Kitchen items, small electrical items

Bikes: Donation tags available from receptions – students’ attach to their bike and leave it unlocked in the bike store.

Food: Non-Perishable food accepted in receptions’ collection boxes

Duvets and pillows: Donation trolleys in each of the bin stores.

Large electrical items can be collected by BHF on arrangement – students contact BHF

directly via the website.

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