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02 /Coach Lane Campus Map and Info

Welcome to Coach Lane Campus!

Here's a map of the campus to help you get to know your new surroundings before you even arrive... 

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Northumbria University,
Coach Lane Campus,
Newcastle upon Tyne, 
NE7 7XA.  

N.B. SATNAV devices using this postcode will direct you to a next door residential estate.

Car Parking

The University recognises the key role it has to play in caring for the environment and therefore we encourage the use of public transport by staff, students and visitors in order to reduce the environmental impact of commuting. For more information and guidance on travel to the University please visit the travel information pages.

The University has a limited number of parking spaces available for use by members of staff, students and visitors. The Campus Services department manage car parking on Campus and a permit system is in place. You are advised not to bring a car unless absolutely necessary as there are no guarantees a space will be obtained. Anyone parking without a valid permit may be issued with a parking penalty notice.

The Student permit application period will commence week beginning 22nd August and will be advertised on the student parking page

 Bike Storage

There are bike storage facilities at all residences and campuses. For more details please click here.