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04 /Participate in Sport at Northumbria University

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We encourage all students to get involved in sport regardless of ability. It's a great way to meet new friends, get fit and make the most of your time at university - and that's what our NORTH Sport participation programme is all about.

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Whether you are completely new to a sport, picking one back up or you want to develop your skills and show that you are ready to progress to Team Northumbria, we have a session that's perfect for you...

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  • NORTH Leagues - Take on fellow students in our competitive leagues. Talent ID opportunities will be in place under the watchful eyes of our Team Northumbria coaching staff and there will always be the potential to step up as the year progresses. 
  • NORTH Clubs Practice your sport in a safe and inclusive environment, our level 2 coaches will be on hand every step of the way. Come along to our weekly training sessions, develop your skills and have the opportunity to celebrate your progress in one of our many sport festivals.

We'll have some great pop-up events in your first week and you can try any of our sports for for free during our exclusive sports taster weekend. Come to the Sports Fair on Wednesday 13th September to find out more.

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Hall Sport

Brand new for the upcoming academic year our Hall Sport programme will provide the perfect opportunity to get to know those living closest to you and compete against all other halls for bragging rights... who will be number 1?

Take part in a combination of weekly sports leagues as well as monthly social sports events.

Find out more about NORTH at the Sport Health and Wellbeing Fair on 13th September or visit our website.

Twitter: @North_Clubs

Facebook: Facebook.com/NUNorthClubs

Instagram: @NorthumbriaUniSport