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02 /Paying Your Tuition Fees

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Once you've enrolled onto your course you will need to pay your tuition fees. It's important to make sure you have your finances in place otherwise this may affect progression on your course. However, there are lots of different funding options available to help you with this.

Paying your Fees 

If you're responsible for paying your fees (i.e. not receiving funding), you can choose to:

  • Pay your fees in full when you enrol online
  • Pay your fees in a single instalment when you arrive at the University and attend an enrolment session
  • Pay in instalments (this will differ depending on your level of study)

Find out the payment methods available to you here.


If your fees are to be paid in whole or part by sponsor, you will need to bring a copy of your sponsorship letter with you, so that your sponsor can be billed. If no sponsor letter is received or your sponsor defaults on payment, you will be responsible for the tuition fee. 

How much are your Tuition Fees?