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01 /Essential and Optional Meal Plan

Essential Meal Plan

If your accommodation includes the Essential Meal Plan, you'll receive your allowance in three installments in line with the University terms:

Term                                 Number of Weeks                          Allowance

Term 1                                         15                                           £577.50

Term 2                                         16                                           £616.00

Term 3                                          8                                            £308.00

Total                                            39                                           £1,501.50 

Optional Meal Plan 

You can also choose to buy an Optional Meal Plan either for the full year or per term, which can be ordered online at shop@le

Remember that if you run out of money you can top-up your account. Any money left will roll over into next term, and even if you have money left at the end of the year you can continue to spend it for the rest of your time at the University.

Look out for ResLife events and workshops on budgeting your food allowance