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Settling in

02 /Top tips for your first few weeks

To help you get settled in, here are five tips for your first couple of weeks...

  1. Unpack your stuff as soon as you arrive.
    This will make your room feel like home sooner, and you won't be tripping over suitcases for weeks! 
  2. Get to know your flatmates.
    If you can hear someone in the kitchen, go and say hi. It sounds daunting but everyone is in the same position.
  3. Explore your accommodation.
    Find your local laundry room, reception and supermarket. It's a great idea to explore with new friends. 
  4. Take advantage of welcome events.
    Check out the range of welcome events in your accommodation. Get to know your neighbours and RAs.
  5. Go to Fresher's Fair
    Check out societies, get some freebies and see what the university has to offer

Finally, make use of the support available if you need any help or advice.