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Keeping you safe and secure

02 /Getting home safely

Whether you’ve stayed late in the library, or attended an event on campus it’s always important to consider how you are going to get back to your accommodation ahead of time. We’ve compiled a list of tips and suggestions to help ensure you have the best possible experience without compromising your safety

  • Before going out make sure you have your phone, keys and enough money on you to get home.
  • Let a friend know where you’re going, and tell them what time you expect to be back
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  • It can be helpful to save a couple of Leicester-based taxi company numbers in your phone
  • Pre-book a licensed taxi and avoid unlicensed vehicles; the Students’ Union’s preferred partner is Swift Fox. You can book a Swift Fox taxi at the Union’s box office, and will be picked up from outside the venue on Mayor’s Walk
  •  Putting your allocated taxi money in a separate pocket or in a different part of your wallet or bag can be helpful, as you may be less likely to spend it.
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  •  Always make sure you plan your route ahead of time, and stick to paths with street lights
  • Walk with a friend or in small groups. If you have to walk alone, make sure you let a friend or family member know where you’re going and the time you expect to arrive
  • Stay alert to your surroundings; listening to music or using your phone can make you less aware of potential hazards around you
  • Try to avoid having valuables items such as your phone or wallet on display, as they can draw unnecessary attention
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Public Transport

  • Wait in well-lit areas, and near other people if possible
  • Try to stay with friends, or sit near the driver on buses
  •  Have the change for your fare ready before the bus arrives so that your purse or wallet is out of sight
  • Always check timetables for the last bus or train back, make sure you know which stop you need to get off at, and the route back to your accommodation from that stop

What to do if you feel unsafe…

  • In an emergency situation always call 999
  • If you want support or need assistance at any time of the day you can call reception on the number listed on your keys
  • Be sure to contact somebody. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or even reception, they can give guidance or support if you feel uneasy or unsafe at any point on your journey

Remember that alcohol can compromise your judgement, avoid taking unnecessary risks and always use                                                                                                common sense.