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Starting a New Society

By SarahWhelan 25 Feb 2020

QMU already has 40 sports and societies running but if there's one missing and you are keen to get it started then go for it!

Are you a master of circus skills or passionate about sign language? Whatever it is, if you can find others interested at QMU, then its worth trying to set it up.

Here are 5 simple steps to make that society dream a society reality:

  1. Find 9 people that agree: If you can form a team of 10 students all keen to start the sport or society then you are off to a flying start.
  2. Complete a QMUSU committee/membership form. You can find it HERE
  3. Complete a sports and societies funding form. You can find it HERE
  4. Send off both forms to union@qmu.ac.uk 
  5. The Vice-president will check your application and arrange a meeting

If you are struggling to find those fellow 9 members how about popping up some posters, reaching out to course mates or even put a request through Moderator to gauge interest?

Once your sport or society is created there are a few steps to get it up and running

  1. Elect a committee. There should be a minimum of three committee members-President, Vice and Treasurer.
  2. Raise funds to cover the cost of all activities. This can be done through membership fees, fundraising or                sponsorship's
  3. Produce a Development Plan. This is a list of 'to dos' and can help keep the society on track and achieving its goals.
  4. Promote your Society. Make sure other members of QMU know about your new society. Setting up a social media page is a good way to engage with current members and find new ones.

For advice on all of the above click HERE for the Sports and Societies Guide 2019/20

Check out our existing societies to see if there is one for you: Sports and Societies

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