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Advice From a Graduate: Cooking

By SunnyVlogger 16 Oct 2020

Hi, Sunny again!

As I explained in my recent Browzer story, I'm a recent university graduate and I want to try to help you out with the things I struggled with whilst I was at university.

Now that we've managed to get the most important task of budgeting out of the way, we can move to much more exciting things... COOKING

Before I moved away from home for university, I didn't have much cooking experience and I was used to my parents cooking for me or just ordering something on Deliveroo. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, eating out in restaurants or ordering takeaways can get expensive so regardless of your budget, it's important to get your weekly shop done and start cooking for yourself.

In this vlog, I share my top advice for the kitchen and tips to help you navigate a student diet in the best possible way. For my advice on other aspects of student life (Wellbeing and Revision/Deadlines) head over to YouTube to watch all the videos in my 'Advice From a Graduate' series.

Good luck with your first year of university and your whole student experience!

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SunnyVlogger a Birmingham City University graduate where he studied Marketing and Advertising and loves coffee and travelling.
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