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Support in Halls

By sophiebk 13 Aug 2019

Throughout our Halls of Residence, we feel that looking after our student’s safety and well-being is a crucial part of a positive student experience. To ensure this, we have a variety of full-time and part-time members of staff who are dedicated to helping you enjoy your time in University accommodation.

Student welfare and discipline within the Halls are the responsibility of our Hall Wardens, assisted by the Residential Adviser team. Our wardens are all senior members of staff at the University who live in Halls to ensure you all get the support and assistance you need while you're living with us. Our Wardens and their Residential Adviser Teams rely on your help and consideration to maintain a community and environment in which all residents can study, sleep, relax and enjoy themselves safely. 

Residential Advisers (RAs)
Each Hall has a teams of Postgraduate and Mature students who live in Halls to provide support, guidance and vital contact out of normal office hours. Our RA team provides an on-call emergency service 8pm - 8am Monday-Friday and 6pm - 9am Saturday-Sunday. The contact number for the Residential Adviser team can be found on the notice boards in all kitchens and lift lobby’s. RAs are there to support you so we hope all students will build a good relationship with their adviser.

Reception – Daytime and Evening
The Reception Staff are your first port of call for any enquiries around Halls and are there to help 24/7. You can always approach and talk to them at the desk. If you live in Melville or Tudor your Hall Reception is at Vine Court.

Halls Managers
Each Hall has a Manager and Deputy Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the buildings and the facilities. As with all staff in Halls, the Halls Managers and Deputy Halls Managers are there to support you in whatever way you need should you not be able to access your RA or Warden. You can find out more about our Halls Managers here.

Halls Life Team
The HL team look after the Student Experience across all seven university Halls by running events, trips and campaigns to make your time in Halls as enjoyable as possible. You can find out what's going on with the team by following the LivUniHalls Facebook or Instagram, as well as visiting the Halls Life website.

You can also watch this video to see some of our members of staff explain the roles they do.

As well as the support in Halls we encourage students to reach out to their friends and family where they can to ensure they're fully supported during their time at University.

There is also a great deal of support available from the University, click here to find out more and visit our Support Tab on Halls Life for advice on staying safe and well.

If you have any queries you can always contact the Halls Life team at hallslife@liverpool.ac.uk or via any of our Social Media channels.