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Meet your Warden - Melville Grove & Tudor Close


Meet your Warden - Melville Grove & Tudor Close

By sophiebk 03 Sep 2019

Dr Monika Grabias-Rodriguez is Hall Warden for both Melville Grove and Tudor Close. You can find out a bit more about your Warden below:

I have been part of the Residential Team for almost 10 years and became one of the Wardens in 2017. I lead a team of Residential Advisers who live on site with you and make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable time in the Halls of Residence. I am responsible for the pastoral and disciplinary matters—ensuring that the students in my Halls live happily together and have the opportunity to study, but also obey the rules of their stay with us.

 My main role at the University is within the Student Experience Team in the School of Physical Sciences, where I look after the departments of Maths, Chemistry and Physics. I am passionate about improving the experience of students who choose our University, international opportunities and community building. My experience as a student of Liverpool University, member of the Student Experience Team and a Warden means that I can provide you with advice and support on almost any issue that may arise during your first year at University and you are welcome to request a meeting with me or email me to discuss anything that may worry you.

 My advice for making the most of your first year at University is to get involved with the Hall’s Student Committee (HSC) and any social or sports clubs that meet your interests. The HSC is a great opportunity to get to know other students staying in the same Hall and to make your time here even more fun by organising local events. Just check the poster in your kitchen for the details of the person you should contact to sign up. For a full list of the available societies, go on the Guild’s website, there is really something for everyone!