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Going Green in Halls

By sgrmerce 19 Sep 2018

Hello! We're the Green Guild team and we’ve provided some tips so you can have a fab year in halls while also doing that little bit extra for the planet!

Have your say!

This year, we’re looking to create some new sustainability projects in halls and we’d love to hear your opinions on what this might involve. This could be anything from growing food to reducing waste - send us any of your thoughts in the link below:

Get to know your recycling bins!

We’ve all come from different places across the UK and the world, and just to make things confusing, each area has its own recycling system.

Hovering over the bins because you’re unsure whether that pizza box or shampoo bottle is recyclable? Familiarise yourselves on how we did it here in Liverpool by checking out our handy posters in your kitchen.

Still unsure? Check out this super useful website that gives you info on specific items: 

Thousands of pounds are spent on removing non-recyclable items in recycling centres, so if you’re still unsure, stick with the phrase If In Doubt, Throw It Out!

Join Student Switch Off

Student Switch off is a national campaign to encourage to students in halls to save energy.

Essentially by switching off those lights and plug sockets, and reducing the amount of water you put in the kettle, your halls could be in the chance of winning a party for your halls!

Go one step further by becoming a Student Switch Off Ambassador - help promote Student Switch Off Ambassador across University halls and take part in recycling audits to help us see how you’re doing:


Meat free Mondays

If you’re in self-catered halls try reducing your meat consumption and take part in meat free Mondays (If you’re not self-catered then try having veggie lunches).

The benefits of reducing meat in your diet:

  • Meat consumption contributes a larger proportion of greenhouse gas emissions than all transport combined!  
  • There are also many health benefits to a vegetarian diet,
  • It’s cheaper!

Useful websites for inspiration:


Start thinking about what plastic and disposable items you can replace with reusable and sustainable alternatives:

  • Remember your reusable water bottles and coffee cups when going to your lecture or to the library
  • Buy some Tupperware for your lunch instead of using cling film or foil
  • Think about reducing plastic waste in your daily wash routines - use soap instead of shower gel, or even buy a wooden toothbrush!
  • Donate it!
  • Too many old clothes and items sitting in your room and cluttering space? Don’t chuck them,
  • Use the clothes banks at you halls or  bring them to the Guild and use our textile bins found in The Courtyard. The clothes are then picked up by the British Heart Foundation, helping to fund research against one of the deadliest diseases in the world, while avoiding out clothes filling up landfill.


Save water

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and try cutting down on your shower times to reduce the amount of water you use.

Reducing your shower times by 3 minutes can save 10 gallons of water a year! Try timing your showers, maybe reducing them one minute at a time.

Good luck on your planet saving ventures!