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Becoming a Residential Adviser - FAQs

By sophiebk 01 Jan 2021

How do I apply?

Applying to be a Residential Adviser is very simple and applications are currently open. In the first instance, all you need to do is submit an online application form on the University of Liverpool job website here. Once on the job website, click on ‘Current Vacancies’ on the left-hand tab and then search for ‘Residential Adviser’. Once you have completed this online application, you will be contacted directly if you are shortlisted for an interview. 

Who can apply? 

Anyone who is a student or member of staff at the University of Liverpool can apply.

Can I choose where I want to be an RA? 

You can state your preference on your application. If there is a vacancy within that team and the interview panel feel you are appropriate for that hall then you will be placed there. If that hall is full you will be offered a room at a hall that has vacancies. You can have a look at the different Halls of Residence, and room types, here.

How often will I be on duty? 

This is subject to change but typically one night a week, 8pm – 8am on weeknights and 6pm – 8am on weekends. 

Do I have to live with the students? 

All of the halls have private bedrooms. The majority of halls have en-suite bathrooms, however in Melville Grove and Tudor Close you would be sharing a bathroom with students. All of the halls have shared kitchens, however for an additional cost there are studio apartments available where you have your own bathroom and private kitchen. These apartments are not available in Melville Grove or Tudor Close. You can have a look at the different Halls of Residence, and room types, here.

What is the reduction in fees?

Where possible we will put RA's in the best available rooms - for the most part these will be studios or studio apartments. RA's are placed on a 52 week contract and the cost of the room for this period is available here.

What happens if I have already applied for University accommodation? 

This is not an issue. If you need accommodation regardless of getting the RA position then you should apply for accommodation in the standard way here. If you are successful in your application to be an RA then we will amend your application accordingly. If you only want to be an RA and will find alternative accommodation if you do not get the post, only apply for the RA role. 

The RA contract is a full calendar year, do I have to be around during the holidays? 

There there must always be an RA from each hall on duty every night in a year, including term holidays, as some students do not vacate for the holidays. You will have to be in Liverpool to cover your duty nights so being away for several weeks at a time would be a hindrance to performing in the role. When making the rotas, personal lives are accommodated as much as possible with advanced notice given and the ability to swap shifts with other RAs. 

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